Friday, February 22, 2013

Michael Ward Matty, United States Navy Veteran

 Michael Ward Matty, a veteran of the United States Navy, passed away on January 16, 2013 at Temple, Texas.  He has no known family.  Thus, little is known about this veteran.

An interment service was held for Michael on February 6 at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.  When the hearse arrived at the committal shelter, Michael was welcomed by fifty American flags blowing briskly in the Texas wind, and scores of Patriot Guard Riders who lined the roadway, standing at attention, saluting as the hearse passed by.

Six of the Riders, acting as pall bearers, carried the flag draped coffin into the shelter as the Riders saluted.  After the coffin was at rest, the Riders filled the shelter during the rendering of military honors by the United States Navy Honor Detail.

Taps was played by the bugler, as the Riders stood at attention, facing the coffin, and saluted.


The American flag that covered the casket was carefully folded into the traditional triangle and presented to the funeral director, in lieu of any family, on behalf of the President of the United States and the Chief of Naval Operations as a symbol of appreciation for Michael's service to this Country and a grateful Navy.

A Patriot Guard Chaplain said a few words for Michael, and led the Riders in The Lord's Prayer.


The six pall bearers then removed the coffin from the shelter and carried it to the waiting cemetery van, which transported it to the grave site.

Michael Ward Matty was laid to rest on the sloping hillside of the cemetery, as the American flag flew at half-staff at the top of the hill in his honor.

With thanks to Ceej Foy for additional photographs.

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